Busting Myths about Travel
Busting Myths about Travel


It’s really interesting to listen to various stories about the journeys that we hear from people who have little or almost never traveled. But even though we are sometimes surprised by the occasional stupidity, at least makes us laugh. Below we break down some of the most popular myths about travel, so that all those who do not know, learn something new.

Duty-free shop is always cheaper!

It’s not true. The Duty-Free shop, you can find cheaper alcohol, perfumes or cigarettes, but other things are almost two times more expensive than those in normal stores. Prices vary widely from one duty-free shop to another, but still before buying consider carefully whether it is really such a low price!

Your cell phone will knock down the plane!

Although always when traveling by plane, we must take off and landing shut down mobile devices, it does not mean that your cell phone knock down the plane! There is evidence that mobile devices and other electronic gadgetry may in some cases interfere with the aircraft, it is therefore required extinguishing mobile devices as a precaution and nothing more. Not a single case where it is due to an inflamed phone crashed aircraft, but that there is always a first time, we hope that during the next year you will not forget to turn off your mobile device! They put you in first class because they look nice! While some daily travel first class, those with less finances are forced to the less luxurious – economy class. Sometimes you will be at the airport to put in first or business class, but the reason for this is not your appearance. There may be an overbooking or rewards for loyalty to the company.

Hotel Card knows who you are!

While some think they are on the hotel tab recorded all of their private data, others are not sweet. That’s not true. It is a myth that started an American detective Pasedane in California. It was on one presentation saw that it was theoretically possible and started to send mass emails to everyone you know to get them to this warning.

Business class travel is very expensive

Well that’s not true. Surprisingly, sometimes business class can be less expensive than economy class. It all depends on how often you fly company and that current stocks of the companies offer. Keep an eye out sites of your favorite airlines and maybe you encounter a business-class ticket for a whopping 99.99! Apartment for newly married delivers better service and lower prices Although some hotels can sometimes surprise new married couple with a bottle of champagne or a cube of chocolate, it does not mean that you as a new married couple their stay pay less. On the contrary, sometimes the prices (because of more and better services) to be more than like you have booked an ordinary apartment or room.

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