Travel on a budget

Caught by the wanderlust bug, but lack of money is stopping you? Well, going on a backpacking spree sounds like a fantasy when you think of travel as an expensive experience. But, exploring the world does not have to cost you a fortune, especially when you know when to skimp on your expenses. There are several ways to holiday in style without breaking your bank. All you need to do is to know where to cut down on your expenses. To let you fulfill your wanderlust, we give you these tips to travel on a budget.

Have a Plan

Who doesn’t like travelling spontaneously? Of course, everyone does. But while it may seem fun, the truth is that you need to have the luxury of time and money to do so. The key to travelling on a budget is to plan in advance. The longer you wait, the more you spend. Now, you do not want to regret missing on the hot air balloon ride because you had to book an expensive last minute flight. Not that you need to have a full-fledged itinerary, but research and planning could save you a lot of money that otherwise would be cashed on unexpected expenses.

Holiday Off Season

Travelling off the peak season can cut down costs drastically. School vacation times, spring, and summers breaks are usually peak travel times and the travel industry hikes up prices to increase profit Avoiding these dates could work to your advantage. Check for the best time to visit a destination and opt the time before or after that to experience a budget-friendly holiday.

Book Your Flight in Advance

This is a default requirement when you do not want to splurge on travels. Airline services open their seats a year in advance and as and when you get closer to your departure dates, you get to see hiked up prices. So, keep an eye out for airline deals and discounts to avail the best price. There are also many travel hacks, like clearing your search history, to book cheap flights. Utilize these to travel guilt-free.

Pack Smart

Packing right can save you that unexpected cost on a replacement for the hoodie you forgot back home. Make sure you pack all the necessities to avoid giving in to your shopaholic self. Of course, a few souvenirs make an exception here. What’s more, some airlines charge extra for check-in bags. So, it is best to stick to airlines that allow you to check one bag for free or just carry everything in a single bag. This way you not only save a few dollars but also travel free and light!

Ditch the Comfort of a Hotel

The comfort of a 4-star hotel may seem enticing. But, trading it for dorm rooms at hostel or bed and breakfasts could save you a hell lot of money. Moreover, sharing a room not only divides the amount but also lets you make friends with people from different cultures. Another option for you to experience local life is booking a room at a local’s house. Get on to AirBnB, Couchsurfing, and such sites to find yourself options. The motto is to live like a local.

Embrace Local Transport

It is no surprise that travelling like a local can be cheap yet fun. Ditch the cabs and planes and opt for buses or trains within a single destination. Journeying through trains or buses offers an affordable yet worthy experience. Also, opt for cheap lunches at local markets instead of spending on lavish ones at an expensive café or restaurants. Doing this allows for a budget-friendly trip letting you wander around like a true traveler.

Fulfilling your dream to travel the world is no longer an expensive affair. Utilize these tips to travel on a budget and book your next trip without worrying about money!

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