Travel Singapore on a Budget

How to Travel Singapore on a Budget

Travel Singapore on a Budget
Travel Singapore on a Budget

Going to Singapore doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to burn a hole in your pocket. You could wander and have fun without the need to break a bank. Here are some tips for you to know how to travel Singapore on a tight budget.

Do a little legwork

Prior on getting away, you have to find and study everything about Singapore. As much as possible, compare hotel rates, flight rates, bus passes, the price of the different sights, and many more.  When these things exceed your allocated budget, you can easily get rid of them in your list and look for a cheaper alternative. If not, you could change your entire plan.

Pack wisely!

Most of us end splurging money since we didn’t consider important factors such as weather which may affect our finances. Always prepare a sunscreen, hat, umbrella and so on. Though you may not use all of them, at least you and your ATM won’t be compromised on their absence.

Search for the direct flight

In choosing the airlines, you must be aware of some airlines who use particular airport hubs in able to connect the flight to other destinations. In order for you to save money in buying a ticket, search for the direct two way flight. That’s one trick you shouldn’t forget on how to travel Singapore.

Look for affordable tickets

Looking for tickets ahead of time will allow you to have the cheapest flight to Singapore. By doing so, it gives you more time to prepare as well as prevent you from rushing to your flight.  During long stays, you should get the cheapest tickets available.

Most airlines offer an affordable price, but they do not advertise it. Definitely, booking in advance and checking their site routinely for their ticket price to drop will give you the chance to negotiate prices and match them to your current budget. If this would not match, some of the companies will offer you with a difference in the price that you can use on your future travel.

Book your vacation rental with friends

Having your vacation rental is not the best option for you if you are solo traveler. However, if you are travelling together with your family and friends, a vacation rental is one of the best methods in order for you to save your money instead of booking alone at expensive hotels. Staying in a vacation rental together with a group can definitely lessen the expense because each person that you add can help cut the costs.

Whether you want to visit the National Orchid Garden or have a tour around Universal Studio in Singapore, always make sure that your trip is memorable yet inexpensive. Don’t let yourself be a victim of costly tourist tour traps. Instead, think critically how to save money while travelling as you are doing it for experience and not for another expense. Hence, don’t forget the above stated tips, so you are ready on how to travel Singapore without worrying about your money.

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