How Expensive is it to be in Love?

How Expensive is it to be in Love? Your Cheat Sheet to Lower Your Expenses While Dating

Life in modern times seems to be more difficult than it was back in the old times. It is common for people, especially from the millennials. Either to completely let go of marriage or to delay it as much as they can. We are witnessing a trend where it’s common for couples to wait for longer and spend more time together in a long-term relationship.

But, is that really the case? Is it really so expensive to be in love? A commonly held belief that seems to be floating around these days is about how expensive it is to be in love. Well, to that, one can just as easily say being single is also difficult as you have to bear all the costs alone, as opposing to the costs being share when in a relationship. Let’s explore the idea in detail.

The Power of Being Two

Rising prices of commodities and services can also mean that being in a relationship can be beneficial for your long-term financial interests. That is, unless one of the partners is completely dependent on the other, the same isn’t applicable then. When dating, there are several expenses that can be shared. Think about sharing the costs of all those expensive taxi rides and coffee. But, there are further cost-savings that you can potentially look forward to when you’re dating on a budget.

When two people share space with each other as a part of a long-term relationship, their buying power significantly increases as a result of their increased earning capacity. When you share space together, you can look forward to sharing the costs you’d otherwise incur for accommodation, cable television, food, fuel, investments in furniture, and the basic household expenses.

The Inconvenience of Being Single

On the flipside, it’s also a fact that being single and alone can be potentially damaging to your finances. Come to think of it, being single doesn’t mean you won’t casually date people. Very few people opt for a cerebral life, you see. For this reason, you need only consider of cost of ‘casual dating’ as a single person, while you’re constantly focussing on providing your present interest with an extravagant dinner or maybe an evening at the movies. It’s all really expensive if you aren’t splitting all these costs.

The above fact holds especially true for men, who are still expected to pay the bill on a first date by 77% of the respondents in a survey on the subject. Dating while single can be lethal to your financial condition as the costs of “trying to impress them” can break your back. This is especially applicable if you’re one of those single people who has never been in a serious relationship before. This “trying to impress them” phase can manifest in several ways. It can be shopping for someone, or taking them to the spa, or even buying them some quality champagne. If these are recurring expenses, then they can endanger your capacity to save for the future.

The Concept of Dating on a Budget

We have examined the entire premise of dating while being in a relationship versus dating while being single and we have tried to debunk the misleading belief that being in a relationship is inherently expensive. This is, again, only if we consider all bills get split in this relationship. In any case, regardless of how you’re dating, you can find creative ways to date on a budget. The idea of dating is to spend time together and get to know each other, not necessarily nit-picking about the service at a first-rate restaurant, while sipping your pricey champagne.

Skip Your Movie & Dinner

Let’s think outside of the clichéd idea that a date is supposed to be about watching a movie while munching on what is most definitely overpriced popcorn before heading to a fancy restaurant to splurge further. To move past the generic idea of watching a movie, let’s consider what the scope of a date is. A date can be a long walk, a date can be a visit to an art gallery, a date can be a visit to the museum. A date can even be sitting on the park bench, wasting away. The underlying point that we’re trying to make is that spending time with your partner is not necessarily supposed to be an expensive affair.

Stay Back Home Instead

Just to be clear, this should only be considered after a certain amount of time has the pass and a certain sense of trust has been developed. Instead of going for the traditional movie and eat out route, couples can also opt to stay back home and cook something together, for a change. Engaging in an activity such as playing a board game or watching a movie at home is naturally a cheaper option when compared to frivolously splurging money in a restaurant. Those who feel they’re missing out on a movie may want to consider and appreciate the power and convenience of Netflix whilst they’re dating on a budget.

Remain Open and Honest

After a certain period, you’d have to bring up your goals ahead, your plans to save money, and your limitations when it comes to spending money. After all, being open and honest about your shortcomings is inevitable. And your significant other must understand these limitations on your part. Once your partner understands these limitations and possibly brings up their own set of applicable limitations. It would be possible for a couple to be conscious of how they spend their money. Along the way, people have come across red flags such as the excessively spendthrift nature of their partner and, in some cases, their enormous credit card bills. Do you see the irony that being open and honest is one of the numbers on your cheat sheet? But, that’s simply a prerequisite of dating on a budget!

If it all works out, a relationship is not supposed to be an expensive affair, it is far from it. Two individuals supportive of each other’s cause must understand their limitations and divide the expenses they incur along the way. A couple must do this as they must be considerate of their own future, with or without each other.

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