Travel Sites We Love

6 Travel Sites We Love (And you will too!)

Travel Sites We Love
Travel Sites We Love

Today, fulfilling your wanderlust is just a click away. Technology has taken over the travel industry by a storm in the recent decades. Its strong impact can not only be seen in innovations like GPS in rental cars or Wifi on airplanes but in an array of travel websites and apps devoted too. Whatever travel experiences you look for – stay at hotels or apartments, cheap flights or car rentals, the hoard of travel products available has something for everyone. While this is true, only a few of these can make to the list of best travel sites.

Here are some of the best travel sites that have been invaluable to travelers around the globe.

1.    Airbnb

The stay sourcing and booking site needs no introduction. Staying true to its goal of offering a local experience, Airbnb connects renters to owners and property managers across destinations. With over millions of listings, almost across the globe, you can find everything from shared spaces to unique homes set in breathtaking locales. So, if you want to experience the city like the locals, then Airbnb is your go to site to travel site.

2.    Kayak

A one stop for all your travel needs, Kayak lets customers scour the web for best deals on flights, hotel rooms, and car rentals. With Kayak, you need not regret missing out on deals or spending more than you vouched for. Its predictive algorithms on prices let you assess your options of buying now or later. Plus, you can always take advantage of its search feature to find the best price on deals using a range of dates or simply sign up for travel alerts.

3.    Skyscanner

One of the most popular travel service portals, Skyscanner is another one stop destination for all your travel needs. From cheap flights and hotels to car hires, the site offers one of the best interfaces for sourcing the best travel deals. In addition to this, the site’s flexible search option is invaluable to those seeking to discover locations with attractive prices. And, for those who are not well versed with English, the site is available in several languages!

4.    Airfare Watch Dog

The site is devoted to offer its customers best deals on travels – flights and hotels. To fulfill this mission, instead of solely relying on technological intelligence, Airfare Watch Dog uses a group of staff members to handpick the best deals for you. To sum it up, the site lists airfares that have suddenly gone down and are a great deal when taking into account all factors impacting the fares. Booking here is a great way to save on flights and actually spend on living the destination.

5.    Skiplagged

Skiplagged works on a lesser known concept of ‘hidden cities’ to offer some amazing flight deals to its users. Now, don’t mistake hidden cities for destinations kept secret. In actual, hidden cities refer to a less popular connecting city for a flight. It works when a passenger disembarks at the connecting city instead of flying through to the main destination. It’s a well known fact that flights to popular destinations are expensive at times. Then why not avail a flight to a connecting less frequented destination to save some pennies.

6.    Jetsetter

This one’s for the discerning travelers looking for nothing less than the best. Jetsetter tests much of what matters to travelers and offers curated travel experiences through a range of verified hotels and properties. The best part of the site is their flash sale that they run from time to time. What’s more, they are the best in the industry for offering insider access along with exclusive deals to hotels around the world.

The world is full of exotic locales that rouse the traveler in you. Utilize these best travel sites to help you achieve your dream of travel without having to spend a fortune.


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